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Trends in healthcare have been revolved around technology. However, many of these results rely on properly educated workforce, who begins with the learning experience.
The absence of trained and highly qualified individuals is growing as Americans are living longer lives. The influx of individuals calling themselves care givers will eventually have a negative impact on the home care industry.

This is why SPS is committed to ensuring the future of in home care by providing a higher education experience for individuals entering the field and those already established within the industry.
Securing the future of in home care that not only meets the client’s needs, but catapults the success of a well-respected and trained health care professional.

FAQ --- Here are some things to get you started:

1. Explore the website. There are several sections on the top of homepage.
2. Update your profile and make sure all your contact information is up to date. Be sure to check and double check this information as this is what the office has on file for your records.
3. The interactive scheduler lets you confirm your classes, view sample care plans, get directions, update task to do list, as well as add notes that get routed back to the instructor!
4. Explore the Pager tool (that is located on the top right of your screen). It is a way to receive alerts and messages in real time.
5. Get updates with the side panel navigation. Has online tools to help you stay organize, making your job easier with just a click of a button. That should be enough to get you organized and on your way to having a great virtual class-room experience! If you need anything, please post a message on our interactive message boards. Other students, faculty, tutors, or assistants will be available to help you day or night! Please use an appropriate subject line to indicate what your message details. Online Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) resource center and online class training for Continuing Education, and practice quizzes! This Educational Course will allow you to Learn what it takes to be a nursing assistant!.


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Qualification required to get enroll into CNA classes:

· The minimum age criteria is 18 years or above.

· You have to complete your high school diploma or GED.

· Before admission, you will be tested on your writing, reading and learning skills by many of the institutions.

· Complete health checks up proof (such as vaccination records, tuberculosis examination proof) are also mandatory.

· You should have no any records of police offences and you should be a clean citizen who is not engaged in any illegal behaviors.


Why should I take CNA classes?

To handle the job effectively: The major tasks of students after completion of the training includes showering a patient  and changing  their clothes, changing their bed sheets, helping a patient in doing their routine exercise, giving them foods and medicine reminders and so on.

You cannot develop these skills within yourself without any learning and practical sessions. CNA training will make students able to perform in the health care industry and add to the workforce for our aging population.

What it takes to be a CNA:

·To develop interpersonal skills within yourself: Being a CNA means you have to deal with 100s of different type of clients and their families. If you are not confident enough to deal with such persons it’s worthless to become one. Sometimes you cannot even predict the mood of the patient.

·To get a lucrative salary at the end: Do you know the hands on benefit of being a CNA? Let us tell you. The average new salary of a CNA starts from $25,000 a year. With experiences and further education you can achieve greater milestones.

Remarkable Features:

·Featured Video Streaming classes: This is the most important aspects of online CNA classes. You are provided with detailed demonstration of the learning materials.

· Decide your length of study: Students can actually cut or extend total training hours depending on how s/he handles activities, which is good for students aiming to graduate as soon as possible.

· Easy access to wide informative resources: An online course provides an infinite source of information for students on all that medical research their curriculum would require from them.


What does a CNA do?

This is a fast paced, challenging and rewarding career. CNA program certificate allows you to work under the supervision of a registered nurse at a hospital, nursing home or doctor’s office. The course prepares you for the duties and responsibilities you will face on a daily basis as you offer physical, social and emotional support to your patients. Most likely you will be providing grooming, feeding, and mobility assistance on a daily basis.

What are the qualifications?

If you would like to take CNA training programs, course, you must be at least 18 years old and have either a high school diploma or your GED. You will also have to meet certain health requirements including proof of vaccinations and certain testing.

CNA Certification Process

There are several steps involved in becoming a Certified Nurse Aide. The first step is to find an approved training course. SO far you have come to the right place!  At Senior Pro Academy you can find courses that will meet your educational needs and schedule. Courses usually last between 8 and 12 weeks and with our flexible payment options, there are no more excuses!

What do the courses involve?

The course consists of at least specified hours of training. During these hours you have a mix of coursework, clinical and practical experience, and laboratory studies. You will have hands on practice learning many of the necessary skills you will need as a CNA. You will study things such as anatomy and physiology, nutrition, hygiene and infection control, medical terminology, and patient care.



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